Affordable Network Solution

Plasma Cloud offers an affordable turnkey solution to cover all needs in and around your network. WiFi Access Points and Switches in various sizes to fit your needs & budget bundled with free & powerful cloud management.

Best In-Class Cloud

Plasma Cloud’s technology team has built the fastest and most scalable network management cloud system. Our experts have put in their combined experience to develop a truly unique product that will impress you in many ways.

Simplicity is Key

Plasma Cloud is designed for the needs of those tired of endless manual tweaking and cumbersome monitoring. Our smart software is designed to minimize setup effort to the essential and get you started in no time!

White-Label Dashboard

Our dashboard is the reference web interface. It is designed to be highly customizable, both for branding and adaptation purposes as well as for the end-user.


Get a reliable, low-cost guest WiFi solution throughout your facility with an exceptional guest experience


Keep customers coming back with a reliable and easy-to-use WiFi experience scaled through multiple locations


Control and monetize WiFi access while getting valuable insights about patron usage and demographics

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